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It is one of the biggest challenges for hotels and restaurants to meet the ever-increasing demands of their guests.
Guests expect the highest quality of food - at any time day or night. At the same time the Catering Industry is facing problems in recruiting well trained chefs.

With our new Sous Vide Premium Catering it is now possible to present and serve visually appealing, high-quality meals which are cooked and prepared to perfection.

This is largely possible thanks to a diverse range of main course components, satiating and vegetable side dishes that simply have to be re-heated and presented in a mouth-watering way, following clear and simple instructions. The sous vide cooking method preserves flavours and aromas and thus guarantees a gourmet flavour experience.

For the implementation of our concept there is no requirement for well-trained chefs or special cooking skills. The portion-packed sous vide components – like exquisite fish, carefully selected vegetables and purees which are very big on flavour – make it possible for the restaurateur to offer a varied range of high quality food, adding his very own signature to the dishes.
Truffled celery
White beets
Yellow beets
Sweet potato
Yellow carrot
Hokkaido pumpkin
Butternut pumpkin
Jerusalem artichoke
Mashed potatoes
Asparagus white
Asparagus green
Kohlrabi (cabbage turnip)
Hokkaido pumpkin with honey
Wild broccoli
Sweet potato grilled
Pointed (sweetheart) cabbage with vanilla
Savoy cabbage
Carrot sticks
Yellow carrot sticks
Baby carrot
Rainbow carrot
Parsnip with maple syrup
Cauliflower grilled
White beets with saffron
Yellow beets
Zander (pikeperch) fillet
Salmon fillet
Cod fillet
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