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Passion for food
discovered by chance.
What is today one of the leading suppliers of ethnic food in Europe originated from a friendly turn at the end of the 80’s:
Today´s general Manager of Nimex International, Mr Azmat Mahmood, received a call from a friend in Lagos/Nigeria who had bought a fishing fleet and processing plant. He needed help with marketing his products in Europe. Family Mahmood that had at this time nothing to do with the food industry, but was based near Frankfurt airport, got the smart idea to use the airport as possible sales channel for the fish. But what arrived instead of the small quantity of samples ordered from the friend was a flood of barracuda fillets and tiger prawns which did not fit in the family’s household freezer. Therefore the neighbors had to open their freezers to help. But LSG, the world´s biggest airline caterer and daughter company of Lufthansa liked the quality of the products and soon tiger prawns and barracuda fillets were on the first class menu. Today the Nimex catalogue includes more than 400 products.

An excerpt you find here.
About Nimex