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Hottest news from the rumour mill
Nimex goes green
We would like to take a look back to the year 2015. Our own PV-unit produced during the last year 76,065 kWh of green electricity. Out of that total we internally used 60,391 kWh. This is about 22% of our total energy demand.
Thank You!
We would like to thank you for visiting us at our stand during the WTCE fair in Hamburg and the interesting talks we had about Jain meals, MOMLs, new Savoury Snacks, Janur cashew nuts, Eggelbusch Chick Up´s, cake creations of StarCake as well as Balik Salmon and Caviar Shots of Caviar House & Prunier.
Nimex Goes to WTCE 2017
Starcake, one of the brands of the Franconian Hanina GmbH and the Dieburg-based Nimex International (Deutschland) GmbH, the hala-certified food producer that is specialized in high-quality ethnic foods, have decided to cooperate intensively.
With their first joint appearance in the World Travel Catering Expo in Hamburg from 04.-06.04.2017 a close partnership will start. By bundling both companies' competences they intend to create the greatest possible advantages for their customers and to open new markets.
Nimex Goes to WTCE 2017
chef chakall supporting nimex
The Argentinian star chef and globetrotter Chakall is cooperating with company Nimex International, based in Dubai (U.A.E) and Dieburg (Germany). Since July 2016 the 44-year-old Eduardo Andrés Lopez alias Chakall has been offering his services as culinary consultant to the airline catering company, which is a member of the Nimex group. Chakall is supporting Nimex to develop menu-concepts for the Middle- and South American routes.

Azmat Mahmood, founder and CEO of Nimex, explains that it is essential for them to provide to every passenger, no matter in which class he or she is booked, the possibility to start their holidays with a tasty and light meal. Chalkall is, to his opinion, the „best“ , most authentic and committed partner to achieve this target.
For the year 2017 Nimex is planning also to develop concepts for communal catering together with Chakall.
chef chakall supporting nimex
SpML Workshop
Special Meal Workshop at the Frankfurt station of Gate Gourmet – We thank you very much for the hospitality we experienced at yesterday´s workshop and for the possibility to introduce 65 different products from the categories AVML, VJML, and MOML to the international chefs, attending this event.
Nimex goes Halal
Summer 2016 – our manufacturing plant in Dieburg was Halal certified by HFCE
Nimex goes Halal
Happy Birthday LSG-Group
Happy Birthday LSG-Group
Latest product development
A customer requested us to develop a rice-bun, that is even tasty when eaten cold and has a shelf life of 4-5, days provided it is kept cool.
Latest product development
Sales ON BOard
Nimex has extended its business field. Contact us!
Sales ON BOard
Do good and make it known.
Within one year we could support the German charitable Aid Organisation Bundesverband Tafel e.V. with food to the amount of € 16.594.76. With this action we do not only support the needy, but also combat food waste. Pls. join in. A lot of useful information about this topic you find here: http://www.united-against-waste.de/de/
You want a company-logo with a bite? With the 14 g packs your logo-crackers will equally delight the eye and the palate. From a minimum order of 45,000 bags we will design your tasty give-away.
Yakitori Gourmet
Our Yakitory Gourmet skewers just arrived from Thailand- with a GMO-free soy glazing which strikes a perfect balance between sweetness and spiciness - halal certified, of course.
Nimex goes Green
We would like to take a look back to the year 2015. Our own PV-unit produced during the last year 86,990 kWh of green electricity. Out of that total we internally used 72,033 kWh. This is about 25% of our total energy demand and saved over 40 mt of carbon dioxide.
We even make the impossible possible!
Dear business partner,

We send you our best wishes for a healthy and successful New Year 2016.

Our motto for the new year you find on top of these lines.
Together with company MKN from Wolfenbüttel, one of the world´s leading suppliers of the most modern technology for large scale catering facilities, we took into operation our recooling mixer kettle with attached icewater tank.

The fully automated cooling system uses ice water of 0.5°C in a closed circle to maintain – according to DIN-standards and latest HACCP regulations- the cool down times of 90-120 min for different products and to reach the required cooling temperatures of +3°C to +5°C.

Our first product tests of soups, sauces, purees, cremes and fillings even exceeded the requirements and expectations.

Do you have new product developments in mind that fit with the above product groups and could not put them into practice, because you were not able to meet the required cool down times?

Then allow us to share our new possibilities and experiences with you during a test cooking session.

Perhaps we can support you in your projects in 2016, because our motto is:
We even make the impossible possible!

With kind regards from Dieburg